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1. What is the fertility?

Following Cogent's best practice guidelines, fertility can be achieved comparable to that of conventional semen.

2. What proportion of heifers can I expect?

Expect 90% correct sex calves born.

3. How much sperm in a straw?

2.3 million of the best selected sperm from only the live and normal populations.

4. Do I need any special insemination techniques?

No, but care and attention is necessary following Cogent's best practice guidelines.

5. Why do you not recommend for cows?

Cows are not recommended for sexed semen due to greater variability with fertility compared to heifers.

6. Can my technician inseminate sexed semen?

Yes, but they need attention to detail when handling product and must follow Cogent's guidelines for using sexed semen.

7. How does it affect conception rates on cows and heifers?

Heifers are comparable with sexed semen when using best practice and our guidelines. Cogent does not recommend using sexed semen on cows.

8. Can I use on syncronised heats?

Cogent promotes the use of sexed semen on natural heats or synchronisation followed by a natural heat.

9. Can you use sexed semen on organic farms, is it approved by organic organisations?

Yes, the organic society has validated the use of sexed semen as has the soil association.

10. How many tests are done to the semen and what are they?

Seven different laboratory tests are conducted before any batch of sexed semen is released. These specifically look at the sperms' fertilising ability and tolerance.

11. What are the recommended thawing guidelines and is there any special equipment needed?

Cogent recomends one straw, 37°C for a minimum of 40 seconds. Cogent also promotes the use of electric semen thawers.

If there are any questions that you would like answered that aren't covered here, then please contact the Laboratories Manager:

Innes Drummond
M: +44 (0)7789 171 190