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Sexed and beef strategy adds value for Gloucestershire farm

"We have been using a Sexed and Beef strategy for the past decade and are reaping the benefits!"  

Richard (Herd Manager) at Leahug Farm, Gloucestershire

Richard Lynham manages Leahug farm, a 210-cow herd in South Gloucestershire. The farm has been using Cogent for the last 10 years and is using a Sexed and Beef breeding strategy.

"We're able to breed around 75 heifer replacements per year whilst also producing high-quality beef calves to sell. Using sexed has increased our genetic gain, lowered our vet bills and improved our fertility!" says Richard.


Leahug Farm have used a variety of dairy sires including Wintersell Demon, Soureth Conrad, Laurelhill Regent, Cogent Bill, Sahara Baloo, PG Superpoll and Cogent DG Superstyle. Sexed semen is used on all maiden heifers and conventional is used on cows, with the rest served to beef. The farm is currently using Aberdeen Angus on the rest of the herd and have used sires including Quaker Hill Dead Centre and Thrunton Picador. The Angus beef calves are currently sold to Livestock Link based in Warwickshire. "We are very impressed with the quality of calves that are hitting the ground at Leahug, they are good, strong calves that sell well and grow quickly!" Richard adds.


The herd is currently yielding 9,000 litres on average per year on a Sainsbury's contract and is on an all-year-round calving system. All the A.I on the farm is carried out by Richard and he is achieving a conception rate of 40%. When selecting sires he looks for 4 main traits to suit his herd and system - minus Stature, Milk, Udder Conformation, as well as Fat and Protein. 

Richard uses Precision MATCH to take care of the mating and mobility scoring on farm which ensures that the herd is genetically healthy, has genuine longevity and displays uniformity. "By managing inbreeding, it gives the farmer genetic independence and ultimately improves both herd productivity and profitability" explains Martin Ley (Cogent Breeding Advisor).  

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