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Cogent strengthens its Signature Beef Team

We welcome Robert Weir to the Signature Beef Team at Cogent!

Robert comes from eleven generations of a farming family spanning just under 500 years from the outskirts of Edinburgh originally.

He is a fully experienced livestock auctioneer having covered a considerable area of the north of England and southern and central Scotland as well as having successfully farmed all classes of livestock in his own right. He has intensively studied all breeds of farm livestock from around the world over several decades and has prior to engagement here been trading livestock (mainly pedigreed bulls and dairy cattle) in a farm to farm capacity.

In his spare time he enjoys following international rugby union, both fly and sea fishing, food and cooking, films and music.

Robert is looking forward to meeting you all at several important agricultural shows and sales around the country! Don't hesitate to contact him with any queries or requests, he's more than happy to help!

Cogent are always looking for people that are passionate about what they do to join us. We seek talented individuals whose expertise and knowledge is matched only by their commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in working with us, then please send your CV and contact details to, or see our latest vacancies on our website.

There's never been a better time to join Cogent!