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E.Coli cow at Precision farm treated promptly with the use of MooMonitor+

An E.Coli cow at a Cogent Precision farm last week was able to be treated quickly and promptly with the use of MooMonitor+ before being spotted by the herdsman. 

Cow 283 (110 days in milk) looked fit and healthy during morning milking, however later that same day, her rumination dropped. With a change of staff for afternoon milking, there were still no obvious signs of illness. 

With a prompt alert sent to the Herdsman's phone, Cow 283 was checked, and she was found to have E.Coli mastitis. Due to the quick response of the MooMonitor+ collar, she has now made a full recovery and is back in the herd. 

The Green line on the graph shows the rumination of Cow 283 picking up, which as you can see once she was treated she started to rapidly return to full rumination. 

Precision MooMonitor+ helps to keep cows healthy, whilst reducing antibiotic usage. It is the ultimate health monitoring service that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is the Herdsman that never stops working. 

To find out more on MooMonitor+ or our Precision service take a look at our brochure - or give one of our friendly team a call on 0800 135 7404.