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Cheshire farm reaps the benefits of MooMonitor+ and saves over £2000

The MooMonitor+ collar by Dairy Master detects individual cow heats and health events through advanced data analysis. It monitors cows daily and identifies specific types of behaviour such as feeding, rumination resting time and different types of activity intensity. These features aid in detecting heats, monitoring feeding and rumination patterns, monitoring cow welfare and managing the health status of the farm. 

The benefits of monitoring transition cows have definitely paid off for one farm in Chester, Cheshire!

On the 21st November, Stuart Russel (Veterinary Surgeon at Nantwich Farm Vets) was alerted to a sick cow through the MooMonitor+ app. Within 5 minutes he arrived at the farm and examined cow 1395. She was two weeks away from calving and once examined by Stuart, she was found with a very tight uterine twist. Once he untwisted the uterus surgically, he found the calf to be alive. Due to the recent alert and rumination pattern, Stuart knew that the calf was early and was confident to leave the calf to mature in the uterus until full-term. Over a week later, she had calved naturally and produced a healthy bull calf. Both Mother and calf are doing well, she has fully recovered and is in full health.

With MooMonitor+ you can achieve:
- Increased milk yield
- Early detection of illnesses
- Reduced workloads
- Increased profits

Enquire about MooMonitor+ today, the latest in health and fertility monitoring for your herd.
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