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VG88 2yr old Supershot daughter pictured

We have great pleasure in releasing the pictures of Longmoor DKR Illary P, the youngest animal in history to be bestowed the classification of VG88 by Holstein UK.

As you know VG88 is one point off maximum for an animal in their first lactation and very few are made annually.

This is great testament to the transmission power we are witnessing of Cogent Supershot not just in the UK but also further afield.

Pictures are flowing in on a daily basis at the moment from our teams, breeders and friends around the world and one thing is really standing out to us; the quality of their udders especially considering they are some of the highest producing heifers in their home herds.

Keep your eyes on our social media channels over the coming weeks particularly after proof day when Supershot will receive his full global proof.