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Cogent introduces high performing sires in August 2016 proof run

Cogent Breeding continues to go from strength to strength in the latest proof day evaluations. The diversity of sires is becoming more evident and the strength in depth continues to improve now that the company has production facilities in both Europe and North America.

From the company that brought you Supershot, Cogent are pleased to introduce a number of new Supershot sons to its portfolio. Starting with the elite GTPI Mr Super Contender ( Supershot x Uno) who weighs in +2721 GTPI, $817 Net Merit, +6.4 Productive Life, and +2.25 PTAT which makes Contender one of the highest PTAT Supershot sons globally. Contender is bred from Larcrest Cardigan VG86 2yr the Uno daughter off Lacrest Cale. Contender is hot property and is available in North America and Australia without any contract restrictions.

At +2636 GTPI Silvercap Selfie RDC is one of the highest red carrier sires in the breed and also offers $812 Net Merit. Selfie offers extreme production (1673lbs) combined with exceptional health traits (+7.6 Productive Life, +3.3 DPR and 2.63 SCS) and a balanced type profile that offers strength and width with abundance. Selfie RDC has a unique sire stack ( Supershot x Aikman x Larson) that sets him apart from the majority of bulls on the market making him an attractive bull for many breeders globally.

Dock Conor ( Supershot x Mogul), an elite GTPI (+2631)  Supershot son, bred from an outstanding VG86 2yr Mogul daughter, who has been bred from the same family as Solid-Gold Colby. Conor is a high milk sire (1669 lbs) with very high combined fat and protein (137 lbs), a DPR of +2.3, a Productive Life score of+6.6, and a type linear that will create perfectly balanced,moderate-sized cows. Conor also fairs well in the new Livability index at +2.9.

Other highlights include the Olympian son, DG Brody RDC (Olympian x Supersirewho continues to impress as another one of Cogent's elite red carrier sire. Brody RDCoffers high GTPI (+2614) combined with exceptional health traits (+7 PL and 3.6 DPR) whilst being bred from the Rainyridge Tony Beauty family which also allows this tremendous pedigree to complete the package with a nice PTAT at +2.28 and +2.76 udders making Brody RDC one of the most sought after red carriers globally.

From their stud in Canada, Cogent are pleased to add Oconnors Soccer Ball P RDC, a new sire that is set to appeal to farmers looking for polled genetics. Soccer Ball P RDC is a brother to Silvercap Selfie RDC. Soccer Ball P offers a GTPI of +2482, 1330lbs of milk, +6 Productive Life and a +3.1 DPR makes him a bull that is going to be in high demand across the globe.

Soccer Balls' cow family is the globally recognised, Glen Drummond S family and his 3rd dam is the global icon Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX90.

"We are all very excited by the diversity of bloodlines and quality offered by these new genomic sires which will undoubtedly make them very popular, these sires all have individual strengths which make them leaders in their individual fields allowing farmers to make significant genetic gains whilst positively impacting margins" said Cogent's Dairy Product Manager, Andrew Holliday.