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Supershot continues to hit the targets

As the leading Supersire son in the World, Cogent Supershot is quickly becoming one of the most iconic Holstein sires of his generation.

His impact on the breed continues to be felt across the globe and his performance in the latest proof run backs up his exceptional reputation

At nearly two years old and successfully claiming a GTPI of 2683, Cogent Supershot is still taking on his younger counterparts by steadily holding the 21st position on the active bull list. Back in the UK, he has risen over £20 on PLI to £566. He has also risen in Fertility Index (+6.1) Calving Ease and Type Merit.

Additionally, his progeny are following in their father's footsteps and exceeding all expectations, ensuring that Supershot's significant influence will be felt for many generations. 
It is this blend great health traits and functional linear that sees Supershot continue to make a huge difference in the AI world. Add to that, his supremacy of global indexes and it is easy to see that Supershot is quite simply the bull that will stand the test of time.