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Canadian sons follow in their father's footsteps for beef line-up

It is often assumed that with siblings, one will always outshine the other but two Native American Aberdeen Angus are proving the critics wrong as they show themselves to be the new rising stars of the Cogent beef line-up.

Quaker Hill Dead Center

Originating from a respected cow family, Quaker Hill Dead Center's pedigree is a perfect synergy of dominant and valuable genetic lines. He brings all of the positives from his sire, Exar Denver 2002b and he promises easy calving and fantastic growth rates.

Conformation is what this bull has in abundance. Combine this with his impressive maternal and paternal traits and it is easy to see why Dead Center will be bang on target with his future calves.

$W +63.02
$F +70.45
$G +45.99
$QG +39.48
$YG +6.51
$B +128.31

Quaker Hill Like No Other

A hard name to live up to but Quaker Hill Like No Other is exceeding all expectations. A half brother to Quaker Hill Dead Centre, he features all of the positive traits of his sibling as well as his family's fantastic back pedigree.

Making his debut on the global stage has been an easy task for this bull with his fantastic conformation, growth rates and family traits. Highly profitable, we expect his progeny to be well-muscled, clean cattle that develop well and live up to their father's name, Like No Other.

$W +62.99
$F +85.18
$G +41.58
$QG +40.76
$YG +.82
$B +130.64