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Butor Farms opens it's doors!

On 22nd September, Cogent in partnership with our long term distributor in Poland, Top Gen hosted an on farm open day. The open day was held at the Polish Cogent Ambassador farm, Butor Farms located in Sosnowice in the south of Poland. Butor Farms has been exclusively using Cogent bulls since 2004 and is one of Poland's elite dairy farms - milking 400 cows achieving yields in excess of 11,500kgs. During this time, the farm has seen significant increases in yields as well as improvements in type. Butor Farms are very, very keen supporters of the Cogent stud and product which has helped them make big improvements in their dairy operation.

Up until last year, due to restrictions in the Polish AI market, all animals were sired by proven bulls but last year genomic semen has started to be used within the breeding programme. Key sires within the herd are Cogent Twist, Woodmarsh Asterix, Woodmarsh Metalic and older sires such as Crichel Principal have been influential. Sires currently in the breeding programme include, Wiltor Cruise, TW Goodwhone, Wintersell Milo and Ards Paramount. Butor Farms has also utilised sexed semen effectively enabling them to sell approximately 100 heifers per year right across Poland and they have a very good reputation for the quality of stock which they market.

The on farm open day was blessed with excellent weather and 150 visitors from across Poland attended the event. The day included seminars from key industry experts who focussed on feeding and fertility. There was also a tour of the farm which includes recently renovated cow housing, vodka distillery and a Biogas digester. However, the highlight of the day was the different groups of animals which were showcased. There were five heifer calves sired by Woodmarsh Asterix and Cogent Twist, four in calf heifers sired by Cogent Twist, Woodmarsh Olympian and Wintersell Milo and a fantastic group of six cows sired by Cogent Strider, Hydaways Goldmine, Cogent Twist and Cogent Destiny.

All-in-all, the day was a resounding success. Thank you to Butor Farms for putting a lot of time and effort into opening their doors and also Top Gen for their assistance and organisation. The event was attended by Cogent employees Tom Peters - Sales Manager for Poland, Richard Bostock - Progeny Evaluator and Justyna Potorska - International Business Support Manager.

To view a video of the event please click here.