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New Grazing Holstein Friesian Sires

Cogent are committed to assisting farmers across the world to increase their bottom line. One of the best ways of assisting this is providing a product that will efficiently produce milk at high levels of components from one of the cheapest feeds around; grass. The following bulls are grazing specialists and rank highly on the Irish EBI index.

Garrymartin Cronic

Dan Supersonic x Eckland x Royal Hugo

One of our new additions from the heart of grazing country, the Republic of Ireland, Cronic is a grazing specialist. He is genomically tested on the EBI base. He is a high milk transmitter at +460kgs, and has fantastic fertility, management and maintenance sub index's. He hails from a long line of functional grazing cows that are renowned for recording lactations in excess of 9,000kgs. Click here for full information.

Parkduv Magnet

Sunnybank Oman x Ruud 22 x Q Europe

This high EBI sire is from a cow family with consistent type and high management traits backed by solid production and fantastic levels of fat (+0.19%) and protein (+0.14%). He has a gestation length of four days below the national average that will ensure a tight calving interval is kept and that cows wont fall out of the block in a block calving herd. Calves are hitting the ground in Ireland now and have been identified as super easy calving. Click here for full information.

Morrisheen Een

Dan Supersonic x Pigeonwood Red x QC Belro

Een is a through and through component specialist, at 52.5kgs of combined fat and protein he ranks in the top 1% of available bulls on the EBI index and boasts a high EBI index of €267 making him one of the highest available. He is ideally suited to those herds that aim to maintain a tight calving block and low calving interval with a calving interval score of -4.29days and a gestation length of -4.00 days. He is from a family that has bred many bulls into AI in previous years. Een's first daughters are just coming up to bulling age and are reportedly strong robust heifers that have sound feet and legs as well as correct commercial rumps. Click here for full information.

Brideview Super Bell

Dan Supersonic x Galte Noel x Dovea Ned Boy

This is one of the most balanced sires available on the EBI base. He ranks in the top 5% of available sires for EBI and production with over 300kgs of milk and just short of 40kgs of combined fat and protein. Couple this to his short gestation length and calving interval score and he has the makings of a sound commercial grazing specialist. Click here for full information.