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Band of brothers is Cogent's new dream team

UK breeding company Cogent has taken the unusual step of recruiting three maternal brothers to its Holstein line-up in a move which reflects the quality and diversity of the three bulls.

The young bulls are all sons of the high genomic German-bred heifer, Wiltor Dreamgirl VG87, whose exceptional cow family and appealing sire stack caught the attention of her owners who imported her to the UK from continental Europe.

The three bulls are Wiltor Dreamer, Wiltor Drummer and Wiltor Corvette, and each brings an outstanding genomic Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) across an important cross-section of traits.

Wiltor Dreamer is one of the world's highest type sons of the leading TPI bull in the world, Seagull-Bay Supersire. As such, Dreamer blends a UK Type Merit of +2.98 and solid production (including positive percentages for butterfat and protein) with outstanding health and fitness traits. These include high daughter fertility (Fertility Index +6.6) and low somatic cell counts (SCC Index -20).

Wiltor Drummer is also a son of Supersire, whose transmission pattern is notable for its exceptional milk production (PTA milk +866kg with 57kg combined fat and protein). However, he still scores highly for all of the health traits, including daughter fertility, SCC and ease of calving. His type transmission is also high, at +2.59.

Wiltor Corvette brings a different sire into the mix in the shape of Vekis Chevrolet, a descendant of the acclaimed Larcrest C family and by another leading TPI sire, Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie. Unlike so many high production bulls, Corvette's transmission of a remarkable +900kg milk goes hand in hand with outstanding daughter fertility (FI +4.4), low cell counts (SCC Index -14) and long lifespans (LS Index +0.5) while his Type Merit of +2.81 makes him a truly remarkable package.

"We are delighted these three young bulls show such exceptional promise through their genomic predictions, and we credit their breeders, David and Claire Jones, for their foresight in bringing these bloodlines together," says Owain Harries from Cogent.

The dam of the bulls, Wiltor Dreamgirl VG87, is just nearing the end of her first lactation in the jointly managed Wiltor and Sahara herds in South Wales.