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Cogent Supershot achieves unmatched performance on international indexes

Dairy sire indexes have been published around the world this week (7 April 2015) and revealed a stand-out performance by the Holstein bull, Cogent Supershot, on a wide cross-section of genetic indexes.

The Supersire son has performed better than his UK owners, Cogent, could have dared to hope, dominating rankings both himself and through his progeny for the key international indexes.

In Canada, Supershot is not only the number two sire ranked on genomic LPI with an index of +3457, but his daughters also completely dominate the GLPI rankings. Of the most recent generation of heifer calves genotyped in Canada, Supershot has sired no less than seven of the top 10; 14 of the top 20; and 23 of the top 40 heifers.

Meanwhile, in the USA, Supershot performs equally well on genomic TPI, scoring +2659 himself, ranking third on the (available)young sire list, and again siring progeny which dominate the rankings. This, for example, is seen in the high-ranking genomic female list where three Supershot daughters feature in the top 10. As in Canada, his performance is unmatched by any other sire.     

Elsewhere around the world Supershot excels, with a PFT in Italy of +3103, an RZG in Germany of +159, an NVI in Holland of +289 and a PF in Poland of +150. He also scores well on the USA's economic index, Net Merit, at +853.

"We are absolutely delighted that Supershot has performed across such a wide cross-section of indexes which reflects the fact that he transmits all the traits - including high daughter health and fertility - demanded for modern dairy production," says Owain Harries from Cogent. "In the UK he is by far the highest milk transmitter in the top 20 ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) and is unique in combining a PTA of over +900kg milk with more than +0.5 for Lifespan Index.

"It is this blend of high production and good health which has served Supershot so well when ranked on so many breeding indexes and we are delighted he is living up to all of our expectations.

"In Canada above all, his breeding pattern suits the LPI which is one of the most balanced breeding indexes for production, durability, health and fertility, in all of which he excels."

Supershot descends from the renowned Vir-Clar de Classy cow family, tracing through the famous Tirsvad Patron Claire EX92. He has been in widespread demand around the world since his launch last year.

For more information about the Cogent stud, please call Cogent on +44 (0) 1244 622000.