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Supershot continues to exceed expectations

Cogent Supershot has been in the limelight since he topped worldwide charts and now with his first progeny hitting the ground across the globe, the excitement has reached a new high.

His impact on the breed will undoubtedly be significant, with daughters starting to appear at the top of many different leader boards, on a number of different genetic bases.

In Canada, currently five of the top eleven highest heifers on GLPI in the world are sired by Supershot across three different countries and four of the top twenty-five highest GTPI females in the US are Supershot daughters.

In the UK, his calves are developing exceptionally. Initial genomic tests from Germany show that Supershot will have some of the highest RZG females in the breed with many more animals being eligible for results in the April genomic run.

Additionally, after each genetic index run, Supershot's GTPI rises. In December, he climbed to 2675 GTPI which ranks him at number six on the available sires list and the number one bull available that is not sired by Mogul. In the UK, Supershot is one of a few bulls actually available over the 600 GPLI mark and offers 2.55 on UK Type Merit.

Owain Harries, Cogent's Genetic Procurement Manager, said: "Breeders from around the world have been delighted with the return on their initial investments. First when they had great results when they were flushing with Supershot, then when they had the calves born which were full of vigour and character and now with the genomic test results coming back. Supershot is demonstrating his ability to consistently sire progeny of the highest level.

In a time where younger progeny seem to dominate the high rankings due to their shorter generation interval, it is almost unprecedented for a bull of nearly two years old to still feature in the top ten lists. Supershot is making a huge difference in the AI world and the dairy industry in general. Already, although early into his career he is being hailed a 'game changer.' He will sell for years to come and we are eagerly anticipating the addition to the PLI league table of the first Supershot females."

Cogent Supershot