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KI Samen has a first with a Twist progeny group

At the Dairy and Machinery Event in Venray, The Netherlands, Cogent's distributor KI Samen presented a progeny group of Cogent Twist. Around 10,000 visitors inspected the six second crop daughters on their stand.

In the December proof run Twist received his first proof in the Netherlands based on 97 second crop daughters milking in the country. With an NVI of 251 he ranks in the top 25 of bulls with Dutch proofs.

The Twist daughters on display not only impressed with phenomenal productions but were also pleasing on the eye. With correctness in frames and wide, sloping rumps, the udders were of a desired shape, square and with a strong ligament and correct teat placement. Their legs that were clean in bone stood parallel when viewed from the rear and locomo-tion is another strong point that could be seen in the Twist daughters.

Solid conformation, excellent health traits, super productions and his very interesting aAa numbers are making Twist the best Shottle son in the world! The pleasing temperament of the Twist daughters which is praised by their owners completes the picture.

Six second crop Twist daughters on display in The Netherlands