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New Jersey young sire: Sunnydawn Olympian

Sunnydawn Olympian is a new release Jersey Visions Young Sire that offers the all-round package of PLI, components, production and type.

With a sire stack of DJ Zuma x Iatola x Sultan, Sunnydawn Olympian is a son of the Excellent scored Sunnydawn Iatola Long Jumpa and supported by 5 generations of VG and Excellent dams. Olympian's dam is a beautiful feminine dairy cow who has completed a second lactation of 9000kgs with really good components and is scored EX92 for Dairy Strength with an EX Mammary. She was recently re-pictured in her third lactation.

Cogent Dairy Specialist Andrew Holiday comments: "After having the pleasure of visiting Sunnydawn Jerseys to get the dam of Sunnydawn Olympian re-pictured in her 3rd lactation, I can say in confidence that this bull comes from a great cow family. Sunnydawn Iatola Long Jumpa EX90 is a fantastic example of a modern dairy cow. She has a long, dairy frame with great balance, a fantastic spring to her rib and she walks on an exceptional set of feet and legs. All of that with combined with a quality udder. The exceptional texture in her udder makes it easy to see where she gets her high volumes of milk from. Olympian's sire is DJ Zuma who compliments the dam extremely well as she has fantastic femininity and dairy strength with great production. Zuma brings a massive component improvement along with tremendous udders".

Sunnydawn Olympian is an exciting prospect for the future and is also available sexed.

Sunnydawn Iatlola Long Jumpa EX90, dam of Sunnydawn Olympian, recently pictured in her third lactation