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Cogent celebrates the strength of its stud

Cogent is celebrating the strength of its stud following the December proof run. The results confirm the company's consistency and reliability with some of the most dependable bulls available in the dairy industry today.

The highlight of this proof run was Cogent Twist. Cogent's flagship bull now has 983 daughters in his production proof and his PLI has increased from £367 to £400. With +458kgs milk in his production index, positive components (+0.16% fat and +0.05% protein), his Lifespan has now increased to an outstanding +0.5.

Second crop Twist daughter at Hill Barton farm, Devon

Cogent's International Account Manager, Tom Peters said: "With an index based on real performance of 983 UK daughters, it is particularly pleasing to see Twist's Lifespan Index steadily increasing. Twist sums up the Cogent philosophy of producing hard-working cattle which will improve with age and earn their keep over long and productive lifetimes.  It also highlights the robustness of the UK proving system which we firmly believe in, as we continually see bulls holding up in their indexes as daughters are added."

Wintersell Milo remains Cogent's highest PLI proven sire at £426 adding more daughters to both his type and production proof. Cogent's Mr Consistent offers solid production figures (+209kgs milk, +0.20% fat and +0.04% protein) and excels for health traits with -18 SCC, +5.8 fertility index and +0.2 lifespan. Milo is also a calving ease sire at +1.0.

Wintersell Milo

ExcelGen superstars

Cogent's super-trio Cogent Supershot (+2675 GTPI), Ards Paramount (+2526 GTPI) and TW Goodwhone (+2471 GTPI) are leading the pack of Cogent's Excelgen Elite genomic sires. Global superstar Supershot, increased his figures on the US base and at +2017lbs, he is Cogent's highest for milk complemented with exceptional health traits at +2.9 DPR and +7.1 Productive Life. Supershot also excels for Net Merit at US $848.

Mogul sons Ards Paramount and TW Goodwhone increased in GTPI and both are leading Type sires in the ExcelGen line-up at +2.06 and +2.10 PTAT respectively. They are joined in that league by paternal brother Sahara Baloo (+2.36 PTAT and +2392 GTPI) and Townhouse Saxman (+2.27 PTAT), a Goldday from a Colby who is a high milk transmitter (+1067 lbs).

Townhouse Saxman (Goldday x Colby x Laudan)

Two new Supersire sons are joining the ExcelGen line-up after the December proofs. At +2295 GTPI Sahara Jacob is out of Hood ATM Jessica VG89, one of the best Jeeves daughters in the world. He offers +727 lbs of milk with positive components (+0.22% fat and +0.04% protein), his Type Merit is a respectable +1.51.

PG Superpoll *RDC *POC
(+2214 GTPI) is a very complete polled and red carrier with a linear that is well-suited for the modern market. At +1.81 PTAT his pedigree offers something different for polled bloodlines being a Supersire x Laron P x Mr Sam.

PG Superpoll *POC *RDC (Supersire x Laron P x Mr Sam)

"Cogent are continually investing in the world's leading genetics to give a diverse portfolio of genetics in the global market place.  Whether its breed leading GTPI, type, polled or outcross pedigrees, Cogent have the proven or genomic genetic portfolio to meet dairy farmer's needs around the globe" concludes Tom Peters.