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August proof highlights

There were quite a few changes in the UK proofs this time:

        - A base change for production
        - A change to the calculation of the PLI formula
        - A change to the calculation of the daughter Fertility Index (FI)

Changes to the PLI
The previous £PLI placed approximately 45% of its emphasis on production and 55% on health and fitness. The revised £PLI has shifted to approximately 32% on production and 68% on health and fitness. Within this, there is increased emphasis on female fertility. Direct and maternal calving ease have been introduced along with a maintenance cost to reflect the efficiency with which the cow produces milk.

Changes to the calculation of daughter fertility (FI)
The new daughter fertility index has less weight on non return rate and more weight on calving interval compared to the previous .

This has caused a considerable change within the August 2014 PLI-ranking.

Cogent highlights from the August Proofs

Wintersell Milo has emerged as one of the leading bulls in the UK on PLI. Milo is one of the most complete bulls in the Cogent stud offering milk with high components, excellent health traits and solid conformation. On top of that he also has the A2A2-gene for b-casein and has a sought after aAa of 513.

Wintersell Milo EX92

Cogent Twist has added a large number of daughters to his proof (now: 559 in his production proof and 341 in his type proof) and confirmed that he is the right bull at the right time. He creates a lot of farmer satisfaction as his daughters are easy-to-work-with-cows that produce a lot of milk without any trouble.

Errolston Zeus is a high-milk, high-type Bolton son who has now received a positive fertility index which made him climb the ranks. Zeus is the highest bull for Type Merit in the Cogent proven oine-up at +2.78TM.

Another barn favourite that has benefitted from the new fertility index is the high type Shottle son Woodmarsh Asterix who is now showing +8.9 FI and is Cogent's highest for this trait.

An exciting new release bull is Kirkblythe Dundeel (Maestro x Shottle x Ford). Dundeel has a very balanced proof both for production and type and is the highest available Maestro son for Type with over 2 points on Type Merit.

On the genomic ranking there is no surprise as Cogent Supershot is Cogent's clear number one with a PLI over £600! He has everything modern dairymen are looking for - outstanding production, he is a great improver of health traits and on top of that the type to compliment that - moderate on stature, wide through the chest and rump and over 2 points for Mammary and Feet & Legs.

Supershot is followed in the list by outcross TW Goodwhone (Mogul x Active x Laudan), Iota son Wiltor Cruise and new release sire Ards Paramount, who is a Mogul from a Man-o-man daughter out of the famous Goldwyn cow Rabur Gold Panzer.