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Cogent Twist, a second crop success!

With many second crop daughters calving in on farms in the UK and abroad, it becomes more and more obvious that Cogent Twist can be classed as a second crop success. Twist daughters are creating tremendous farmer satisfaction and many who are milking them are using the bull again.

Peter Brimacombe, Hill Barton Farm in Devon, is milking a large group of Cogent Twist daughters. A very uniform group of young cows that are built to last.
Brimacombe was very happy with the two Twist daughters he had from the first crop and has used the bull extensively based on his experience. With more than 80 daughters in the pipeline for his 600-cow herd he is definitely not disappointed with the next batch he is now milking. None of these Twist daughters are made for the show ring, but if robust, functional and hard working cows are what you are after then Twist will do a great job.

Second crop Twist daughters at Hill Barton Farm, Devon (picture Jane Steel)