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Herbie extends Saler choices within Cogent's Signature Beef range

Cogent has added the Saler sire Bacardi Herbie to its Signature Beef range of bulls, with semen available as sexed or conventional to give the widest choice yet for this versatile breed.

Sired by Cleuchhead Yoda out of Cleuchhead Delilah 2nd Herbie has a pedigree offering strong maternal traits giving him great potential as a sire of suckler herd replacements for pedigree and commercial producers. He also has potential to produce progeny for finishing, having strong carcass traits and the ability to enhance fleshing.

"Herbie displays the credentials to transmit exceptional milking ability and good width at the pelvis for easy calving and hence has the potential to breed excellent replacements," explains Cogent Beef Sire Analyst Boomer Birch. "His ability to also produce a quality calves for finishing gives him real versatility.

"The Saler is known for its ability to do well in difficult environmental conditions but is equally well adapted to provide economic performance in a wide range of UK beef suckler situations. Herbie is one of two Saler sires now in the Cogent stud and - with the added benefit of sexed semen - we now have our most comprehensive selection yet for this breed."

Cogent's Signature Beef range is geared to the requirements of all pedigree and commercial beef producers, providing breed-leading genetics from all the main breeds.

New Salers sire Bacardi Herbie