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Cogent Supershot dominates global rankings

Cogent Supershot continues to stand ahead of the pack following a very successful proof day, becoming the number one available Holstein genomic sire for both the USA's and Canada's key breeding indexes, GTPI and GLPI.

Supershot's release had been widely anticipated across the world and he now enters the rankings as the number one available sire with 2625 GTPI. He also re-affirms his position as the number one available sire for Net Merit with a massive NM $1047, making him the undisputed headline bull from the April evaluations. Contributing to the increase in his indexes are the improvements in his milk (+2528 lbs) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR +1.9). He also increased his weight of fat plus protein to an incredible 185 lbs and maintained his Predicted Transmitting Ability for Type (PTAT) of 2.20.

His success was not only confined to the US, he is also the number one GLPI available bull in Canada at +3511, a clear 70 points higher than the second highest bull. In other global indexes he also ranks well, scoring 161 on Germany's major index, RZG; 3315 on Italy's PFT and in the UK he increased his Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) to £290.

Combining some of the most sought after bloodlines in modern Holstein breeding, being a Supersire x Superstition x Shottle from the famous Patron Claire family that descends from Vir-Clar Holsteins in the US, he has a complete pedigree boasting eight generations of Very Good (VG) and Excellent (EX) dams. His dam scored VG86 within weeks of calving, and looks promising to develop further later in lactation.

As part of his first release, a maximum of 1,000 doses are currently available to order for distribution after 28 April 2014, priced at US$1200 (CAN$1300, €865, £725). This is the first semen available and no matings have been made before the official release, giving any breeders who invest in his semen an early opportunity to make the next global superstar.

Interest in the release of Cogent Supershot has been unprecedented in the marketplace since his figures were first released and he is now enjoying global demand in all major dairying countries.